Draak – Augur


A noble Orc, a rarity in Tharador. Born to loving parents of an Orc father and human mother, Draak was raised in Belfrie where although he found difficulties in childhood, he was not actively persecuted for his race. As time drew on, Draak discovered the responsibility that would surround his life, being the first Orc in millenia to bare the Dragonmark, a symbol of power of Orc Chieftains of old. With this, the first Orcs that Draak met prophesised him to be the chosen one to lead their people to freedom from the Baldurian Slave Trade. Draak felt that he was not ready for such a task, aiming to travel the world and grow first, signing on with The Golden Griffins to fund this campaign.

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The full story

Draak – Augur

Draak – Eldest of three, is a spitting image of his father, an orc chieftain, and mother, Belfrian professor. Born with the Dragonmark – a birthmark not seen since orcs were amongst their homelands on Mindoriel, Draak has adventuring in his blood. Since his adolescence, his parents raised Draak into being the best man he could be; by putting him into wealthy schools to give him the best opportunity possible. Though the Orc slave trade isn’t prevalent in Belfrie, Draak was still given a difficult time due to his orcish lineage, and adopted a stern, self-assertive demeanour to protect himself in his youth. Draak’s passions never lied within education, often finding himself day-dreaming or skipping school to explore the world, a trait his dragonmark had gifted him.

After fulfilling his mother’s wishes of completing an education, Draak took more of an interest in his Orcish lineage, something his father was very happy to assist with. Together, they travelled from Belfrie to Baldur, living off the land and letting Draak’s talents bloom. Once they reached Baldur, the two were quickly attacked and his father apprehended by Baldurian slave traders. Draak used his innate ability of understanding the land beneath his feet to track his father to a slaver encampment. Once the Orc’s in the encampment recognised the Dragonmark, they treated Draak as a messiah that would liberate the Orcish people, just as the Dragonmarked chieftains of Mindoriel had. The Orc’s rebelled as Draak assaulted the encampment, bringing a swift end to the men that held his father and kin. Draak immediately felt overwhelmed, not prepared to have this responsibility thrust upon him.

Learning the story of his people, and donning traditional body art that Dragonmarked chieftains of old once had, here Draak was told of the connection that Dragonmarked chieftains held with dragons: gaining their dragonmarks from slaying, befriending, or truly connecting with the great and powerful dragons of Mindoriel. Draak informed the orcs that he would return after communing with a dragon he could find and trust, as only then would he have the strength to free his people. He took his father, and returned to Belfrie. On this trip, he admitted to his father the weight he felt of the expectations and responsibilities set upon him. His father assured him whilst the freedom of the Orcs is something that their race has wished for eons, Draak shouldn’t feel his life sacrificed for this goal. Draak took this advice and started a round trip of Tharador – bringing himself wherever his heart and soul wishes. It’s on this exploration that Draak realised his need for funds, and that it’s safer to travel in packs. Thus he enlisted in the Golden Griffins, taking contracts that allowed him to travel the continent, and persuade his allies to travel with him. Within the G.G, Draak excels at being a scout for his party, as his Dragonmark gives him unrivalled agility and unparalleled sight.

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