Dorian – Supreme Invoker


Dorian, a gifted sorcerer from Baldur, left his homeland with his cousin Henry to escape the kingdom’s harsh treatment of magic users. Joining the Golden Griffins, they faced the harsh realities of war, and Dorian’s magical abilities grew in tandem with his darker traits. Haunted by night terrors of another life, he was assigned to The Silent Faith, separated from Henry, and became increasingly isolated as he delved into ancient tomes in search of answers to his mysterious dreams.

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The full story

Dorian – Supreme Invoker

In the years of ceasefire and intermittent skirmishes, Dorian’s once vibrant spirit became a distant memory, his ties to friends and kin, including his dear cousin Henry, strained and frayed. Haunted by the ceaseless nightmares of a life not his own, Dorian retreated into solitude, his once-bright presence dwindling to a muted ember.

As the battlefields lay dormant, Dorian delved into ancient tomes, scrolls, and history books, seeking to unravel the enigma that plagued his dreams. Yet, the more he searched, the more elusive the answers became, leaving him adrift in a sea of unanswered questions. As his sorcery grew ever more potent, the tenuous threads of his sanity began to unravel. The once-compassionate young man was replaced by an eccentric, near-mad sorcerer whose eyes burned with the fire of untamed power. The shadows of his haunted past loomed ever larger, darkening his heart and twisting his thoughts.

In the quiet moments, away from the chaos of war, Dorian continued to seek solace in the ancient texts, desperate to understand the past life that haunted his dreams. Yet, no matter how deeply he delved into the annals of history, no answers emerged, leaving him with a gnawing emptiness that threatened to consume him. And so, as the drums of war began to beat once more, Dorian found himself adrift in a world that no longer held comfort or meaning. His once-steadfast loyalty to the Golden Griffins faltered, and the bond with his beloved cousin Henry lay tattered and frayed.

In the crucible of battle, Dorian’s sorcery raged like a tempest, his once-reserved powers unleashed with devastating fury. But within the maelstrom of his magic, a lingering darkness whispered, a call to a past life and a world he could not escape. As Dorian fought on, his heart ached for answers and a respite from the relentless torment of his dreams. In the midst of war and chaos, he clung to the hope that one day, he would find the key to the life that haunted him and bring closure to the secrets that had long separated him from his beloved cousin, Henry.

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