Cyrindeth – Marshall Vanguard


The Marshall of the Vanguard forces assaulting the Coalition positions in the Spetsigs. Cyrindeth is a Marshall that doesn’t overly embody the cold and calculating nature that Marshalls are known for in Leacianan society. She was said to be weak for the empathy that she often showed to prisoners or the weak, and for that she was sent to the frontline where the fires of battle were to either purge her softness or see her perish.

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The full story

Cyrindeth – Marshall Vanguard

In Leacianan society Marshalls are usually raised to their positions from birth. The elite and upper echelon of Leacianus with a greater penchant for war or battle magic intermix amongst themselves, and the children they beget are often destined for their path before they are even born. This was the fate of Cyrindeth and her sisters and brothers as well. Though Cyrindeth was brought up in a childhood of steel, blood and arcane fire, she somehow developed a strong sense of empathy with her siblings and the weak. Often if she were to strike down her siblings or comrades in training, she would aid them, tend to their wounds or check on them after. She was proficient, but she was too kind for a Marshall.

Despite the best efforts of her parents and trainers, this sense of warmth never left Cyrindeth. But her battle prowess and knowledge was too strong to have her reassigned elsewhere or strip her rank. So when the Liturium War began she was given command of a specialist squad, far from the frontlines. They were in charge of taking key strategic positions, eliminating key targets or sabotaging enemy supply lines or artillery: their tasks were numerous but they were essential to the war effort.

When the Golden Griffins acted as turncoats against Leacianus and started slaying their comrades, Cyrindeth and her squad were able to defeat and subdue the Golden Griffins that were assigned with them. On the orders of her superiors she was told to execute them all, but in front of her were friends and comrades, many heroes in her eyes as they had saved her life as oft as she had saved theirs. She felt in their hearts that they hated they betrayal as much as she did. So against the orders of her superiors she disarmed them and let them leave the battlefield.

She was severely reprimanded for disobeying this order, reduced from her rank as a Greater Marshall and thrown into the Vanguard. There she was given control of a small unit once again, though less experienced than the Tylviri that she had under her wing before. Now they were set against the frontlines of the Coalition forces, death a very likely possibility.

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