Chief Hersis – Barnard Mjolnir


The leader of The Ørnevinger’s crew and founder of the Alimrothi outpost near Steadfort. A huge brute with a hammer to match his size. Even the most powerful blows wouldn’t dent his armour.

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The full story

Chief Hersis – Barnard Mjolnir

Barnard remembers little of his childhood. Most his early memories consist of boarding school, which six years worth seem a single blur. No parents to look after him, having perished to a poor season of illness, Barnard’s wellbeing was seen to by the Alrimothi Crown’s Lost Children Authority which saw to all orphaned children of Alimroth, providing them with education until the age of fourteen and then assigning them a job within Alimroth’s great society based on their educational results and predicted aptitudes.

An outcast in his schooling, Barnard’s focus tended towards mostly solitary physical activities. The more Barnard partook in his activities, the stronger he grew. Suddenly the buckets of water he would carry for miles seemed to weigh no more than his arms usually, the weights he lifted grew lighter and lighter too. At fourteen Barnard measured two heads taller than any of his peers, and was built stronger than even most well-built soldiers. It took no thought for him to be assigned to the Alimrothi Aviation Corps as a drop-shock-trooper. He excelled in doing so. On his first deployment he almost single handedly destroyed an entire caravan’s escort group with nothing but his hammer.

Quickly he rose through the ranks, and garnered the respect of his comrades and commanding officers. It wasn’t long until Barnard eventually began learning the ways of a leader, and was given the title of Chief Hersir and The Ørnevinger to command, along with a raiding crew of fifty. Now he has his sights set on expanding Alimroth’s influence in the west, establishing an outpost that will act as the first Alimrothi city beyond the borders of the Brannfest Mountains.

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