Champions of the Radiant Dawn – Arkeus & Arkina


Twin Unity Clerics fled from Hinatal after racial tensions spilled over. Arkeus and Arkina joined the Golden Griffins in a bid to forge new bonds and bring aid to those in need. They found the bonds they forged were unbreakable with their new comrades, yet their home city called them home in a time of need when Elves and Men reunited again against their common enemy of Sultan Hakim. Since then they have returned to aid their friends once more as the Liturium War begins again.

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The full story

Champions of the Radiant Dawn – Arkeus & Arkina

Human twins reared in the caverns of Hinatal – the father of these two clerics was a High Priest of Unity within the city beneath the earth. Unity had been built so hard into the populace of Hinatal after the curse had forced them under the earth, that it had become a religion with its own foundations, tenets, codes and pillars. The twins embodied this in their personalities so literally that one would not be able to describe one of the twins without perfectly describing the other – for their personalities were reflections of unity and its pillars. Fellowship, for they would form a sense of togetherness and camaraderie with their friends, acting as the glue for all their circles with their positive and trusting personalities.Strength and Rivalry towards one another, for together they would face the unfaceable, undergoing perilous challenges in their training together and beyond in the wider world – though always they would see their twin as their rival, striving to have a foot above one another constantly.

So when unrest engulfed Hinatal, and Unity fell apart the clerics were without their power. Many of their elven friends now considered them enemies and those that remained had their bonds weakened by mistrust that hung over the city like a thick fog. So at first opportunity the twins fled, suspecting something amiss with Unity’s sudden collapse in the city – a religion that had been drilled into the populace for nigh four hundred years. Thus they suspected an outside influence to be afoot and cause for the disruptions, aiming to find the cause in the lands beyond Hinatal.

The Golden Griffins they confided in as their first place of what seemed to be an organisation of unity that would let just about anyone in. Though they did not know what the mercenaries did, they simply read a poster on which was scrawled “find comrades and travel the world” which in a time when they knew no one and had nowhere to go, was a beacon in darkness.The two in tandem with Unity’s Pillars impressed even the greatest members of the Griffins chapters of Wisdom. They quickly ascended the ranks of the Golden Griffins as the Liturium War progressed: any battle was turned in their favour the moment the twins arrived. Though when word reached the two their homeland of Hinatal was in dire need of aid, the two took leave to return home.

After the forces of Sultan Hakim had been dealt with, the two returned to the Golden Griffins, they could leave their newfound bonds forsaken in the throes of war. Finally they reached the maximum rank of their domain of the Golden Griffins – Champion of the Gilded Breath. After the last champion was slain in combat, the Golden Griffins Council voted upon the twins to dually share the position, something never before seen in the history of the organisation. Now the two have ascended to the highest rank attainable, sharing the same prestige as Orlena and Etherian and the two becoming almost like folk heroes both among Coalition forces and in their home of Hinatal.

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