Celathyn – Nais ro Nan Thalias


The firstborn daughter of King Vandiliar Thalias, Celathyn is the heir to the throne of Nan Thalias. She is revered and loved by her people, called Balyd Nais, or Fair Prince by many. She has come to be a proficient warrior and wise counsellor that the Elves of Nan Thalias feel confident in, should one day she be required to ascend to the throne.

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The full story

Celathyn – Nais ro Nan Thalias

The eldest of King Vandiliar’s children, Celathyn is blessed with life longer than other Elves and wisdom and prowess too. For she is a descendant of the Dindar, her grandparents each being the founders of Leacianus and of Nan Thalias (though called Brelrindor at the time). Thus Celathyn has inherited both her grandparents traits, yet in a tempered moderation that has proved fruitful for her in terms of statecraft and warcraft. In Duskweave Isle she commanded the bulwark of Nan Thalias’ armies as they marched against the undead hordes, earning the admiration of the rulers of Belfrie and Formen who had not seen a woman warrior like herself.

Yet still she held courtesy to her human neighbours, and after the war began deepening the alliance that was strenuously made out of desperation in bid to stop the necromancer. Celathyn had lived since the First Era, and still held many relics from her childhood that bore no significance to her any longer, but were greatly loved by the mortal men. A brooch was given to the daughter of King Hjolmir, forged from the Estel trees of Nan Thalias and clad in their radiant amber. So too was Prince Jolmbrod given a great warbow which Celaythn had wielded herself in the days of war when Brelrindor fought against the Colossal hordes of the Oldavori Empire. To Belfrie she gifted Prince Trenon a Sword of Stars, a blade forged from the timber of the Estel trees that hued with a blue and white light in darkness and cut swathes of radiant fire in the wake of its enemies.

So too did she offer to the kings to train their heirs in craftship, swordsmanship and marksmanship, which both accepted. Yet to the Leacianan’s that fought alongside her she offered little beyond thanks, for she did not trust the Leacianan’s; still holding millennia of turmoil in her heart for how her cousins, aunts and uncles had forsaken Brelrindor in its time of need against Oldavor. Her mistrustings were well found, and soon after Leacianus revealed their treachery, having been responsible for orchestrating raids against wagons leading into Formen, stealing the precious metal of Liturium that the wagons transported.

Now the princes she trained over five years had both become kings, and they each held great reverence for her. Though Celathyn could not join the two Kingdoms of Men in the Liturium War, she convinced her father to step in on Duskweave Isle in forcing the Isle to become a demilitarised ceasefire zone. She felt thusly responsible when Kelathar took advantage of this on his return, easily overrunning the minimally armed populaces. Thus she swore she would become a leader that put herself at the front of the fray, rather than await from the comfort of a general’s armchair.

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