Caryd – Treant Stalker


One of the apex predators of the Fey. A Caryd is a beast not to be trifled with, though few have ever seen one and lived to tell the tale for the Caryd is only seen when it wishes to be seen. It can otherwise seamlessly blend with its environment in the forest, mistaken easily for scrubs or dangling vines from a tree. Even Feywalker Druids fear to find themselves in sight from a Caryd.

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The full story

Caryd – Treant Stalker

The Caryd’s were dreamt by Renmaeth in her later years of her slumber. For intruders at times entered the Fey, hoping to plunder it for their own fortune. Renmaeth in her naive state new not what or who these intruders were, yet devised guards to protect her realm from them in secret. These became the Caryd, silent predators that blended perfectly with their environments.

One could stalk through the trees, climbing with vines and swinging from branch to branch while completely hidden from their prey below them. When the time comes to strike, a Caryd is able to viciously pin and devour its foe often before they have time to react or even scream. When Melwyn was separated from Gwynevel, he brought many Caryd’s to the Reach where they would hunt on the eaves of the forest and stop any from venturing into its depths too.

Now under Torgothrin’s rule they have become even more aggressive, venturing beyond the Reach and attacking passers by on the road and in farmlands, spreading the illness that their master has conjured to the towns that surround his land.

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