Brohd – The Resilient


Carved from stone centuries ago, Brohd was the commission of a mad wizard who had turned his dabblings of necromancy a touch too far. Animating the stone sculpture saw the wizard’s demise, who wrongly thought that he would have complete control over the creature. Brohd was quickly put to sleep by the wizard’s colleagues when they had learned of his fate, with a small Liturium gem lodged into stonework. When it was removed by Vehryn, Brohd came to life once more.

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The full story

Brohd – The Resilient

Brohd was the result of an experiment gone awry by a mad human wizard centuries ago. Obsessed with animation and necromancy, the wizard commissioned a demonic sculpture to be made by a local artist. Intending to use Brohd as his enforcer should any villagers try to halt his research, the wizard was forceful and cruel to Brohd from his first day of life. It did not take long for the statue to lose patience with its creator, breaking free from the cage it was held in, a single backhand smack against the wizard saw his spine crumble and him die nearly instantly.

A few days later a visitor from a neighboring wizard school arrived, seeing the scene they quickly used their own Liturium amulet to halt the animation of the statue. REfusing to destroy such a magnificent work, the stone was embedded within and the statue sold along with the rest of the wizard’s estate in a charity auction for the school.

Duke Strauss of Strassen held the highest bid, taking Brohd back to Gehr Keep and having him perched upon the great stairway leading into the keep’s doors. When Vehryn noticed the giant carving, she had a nearby servant pry out the Liturium gem from its body, giving life to the creature once more. Though still unsure if he wished to be a follower, he felt under the wing of Vehryn he held more autonomy than he did as a slave several centuries ago.

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