Brisini – Boreal Wraith


The tortured and angered souls of human captives held prisoner and experimented on within the Colossal Forts of Mammoth Isle. They now haunt the ruins where they met their end, though have come under the control of Thirazar upon his re awakening.

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The full story

Brisini – Boreal Wraith

In the darkest reaches of the dungeons of the Oldavori Empire humans were kept and experimented on in secret. Many of the fortresses that held these dungeons were in the far reaches of modern Oldavor, though a large number also were contained on the isolated Mammoth Isle. It was here that men were twisted and tortured, their forms altered and essences extracted in attempts to make creatures to bolster the Oldavori forces.

It was those that met their end in these forts that became the Brisini, Boreal Wraiths that haunted the halls of the forts where they met their doom. When the Oldavori were driven from the isle, the Brisini emerged to end the few stragglers that remained or went into hiding. Since then they have kept guard over the forts, and are responsible for the deaths of many adventurers since that thought to try their luck plundering the abandoned forts.

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