Brekken – The Brazen Bard


Renowned across Tharador for his epic ballads and sagas, Brekken has become a nigh household name among even the commonfolk from Draksborne to Baldur. His latest bodacious ballad brings him to the Kingdom of Brightstone where he travels alongside his companion Valter Brookes as he sets his sights on a new saga in a far off land from his home.

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The full story

Brekken – The Brazen Bard

Born a bastard to two travelling minstrels, Brekken was raised in their travelling troupe across Tharador. His mother a maiden of Draksborne with an angelic voice, and father an elf of Nan Thalias with a mastery of the lute. Brekken inherited both these traits, and quickly made a name for himself after leaving his parent’s troupe at a crossroad in Formen. For years he travelled Tharador, witnessing first hand many key events, including the Battle of Duskweave Isle and the scouring of Elen Estel. Brekken’s name became known to many, and any proprietor of an inn would kill to have him perform.

Recently he has attached himself to Valter Brookes, a man who Brekken had many run ins with during his tenure in Draksborne. Valter’s sights were set on an investigation far to the north of Draksborne in the kingdom of Brightstone. Although his nature was secretive, Brekken followed along in hopes to write a new saga of the far away and icy lands of Brightstone. Though currently the two have done little more than sit within the snow-blanketed fort of Zwilling Zwei among the Hex Hunter schools as they await for the direst of the weather to thaw before Valter presses further north.

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