Aulten Dros – High Marshall


One of the highest ranks within The Magistrates, Aulten is second only to the Arch Marshall, one of the three rulers that makes up The Triumvirate. A calculating and brooding elf, Aulten spent several years beyond the confines of Leacianus learning of other cultures and the perils they could bring to his home. His reports of such earned him much respect within Leacianus and several key victories in the early days of the Leacianan War saw him and his house elated to the highest echelon of society.

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The full story

Aulten Dros – High Marshall

Once a lowly agent of Leacianan intelligence, Aulten Dros was left isolated and trapped outside Leacianus’ confines when his squad was utterly vanquished in a shipwreck within the Katarn Sea. As the sole survivor and with his seer killed, Aulten had no means to traverse the Dome that covered his homeland. Thus he spent to his time wandering Tharador, spending a quarter century gathering notes and tales of various kingdoms when chance brought him back to Leacianus at a fate encounter in Nan Thalias. Documenting the fall of its capital of Elen Estel, he met a maiden whom he recalled from childhood. She had been sent by the Nirloom for the same reasoning at Elen Estel and gave Aulten his chance to return home.

There he shared his notes on the various cultures of Tharador that otherwise were unknown to all Leacianans. This earned him and house Dros reverence and soon he rose to a lowly rank in The Magistrates. Quickly he ascended, as a commander in the Duskweave Campaign that saw a staging operation against the holy unforces there, fighting alongside humans and their wood-elven kindred. Though only a year later he would be commanding against these allies as the Liturium War erupted at the Formen border.

Aulten saw the decisive victory at Huvuden’s First Battle that engulfed the town in flames, securing a strong foothold in the war’s offensive that would spell success for Leacianus in its earliest days. Such an act of cunning and wisdom saw him ascend to the rank of High Marshall when his predecessor follied a few months later, failing to defend the town from a Coalition Counter attack that led to the utter defeat of the Leacianan’s in the area, cutting off supply lines to other fronts and beginning the Coalition counter-attack.

Now he sits far from the front lines. Within Nirloom he barks orders at his subordinates to attempt to repel the Coalition forces. The war effort is straining his mind as the worldly and wonder-driven elf now has grown jaded, brooding and tense. He does not speak without first listening, each of his words weighted with heavy thought. He seeks the advice of the Irivyl, the Blind Seeress whose wisdom aided him in his prior victories.

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