Artyr – Belfrian Gargoyle


A product of The University of Ardris, Artyr is just one of many mass-produced Belfrian Gargoyles that inhabit Tharador. His will is meant to be bound to that of his master, though Duke Strauss has never before activated Artyr so their wills were never entwined. Instead the Gargoyle sat perched upon the tower of the main gate. When he came to of his own, he found his will was his own and entered a panic for his lack of attachment, though this was quickly soothed by a stone succubus calling herself Vehryn.

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The full story

Artyr – Belfrian Gargoyle

The University of Ardris is one of the most well known institutes of magic in Tharador, though at times infamous as well for its dabblings into arts or trades that most other schools condemn. Animation is one such art, though the line of Belfrian Gargoyles that its students and teachers provide is a great source of income for the school, selling the creatures to other wizards, nobles and wealthy merchants alike as a bodyguard or watchdog.

Artyr was one such, sold alongside a great statue to a Duke in the far north kingdom of Greypeak. Though never in the century of being within the Duke’s possession was Artyr activated, meaning his will never entwined with the owner that purchased him. When Artyr was first miraculously awoken, it was by nothing. His will did not entwine with anyone, and when finally he left his perching post from the gatehouse he panicked. The purpose of his existence was broken. When a stone-skinned succubus found him in shambles, he decided to meld his will with hers, so that he may have purpose in another’s bidding.

The succubus took this as an honourable act from the Gargoyle, asking that she join him in eliminating the vampiric masters that purchased them and hold grasp over the town they reside in. Though Artyr was hesitant in killing his owner, he agreed, questioning whether his will was truly bound to Vehryn or not.

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