Arisen Warriors – Skeletal Guardians


Warriors of the First Era that have lain fallen beneath dirt, ice and snow for thousands of years. Many died fighting the last of the Colossal strongholds on Mammoth Isle, though it seems in vain for so little is known of their sacrifice or the battles and campaigns that took place on the isle. Now from their rest they are risen by Thirazar, fighting with the same ancient weapons they once held that have been frozen for thousands of years.

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The full story

Arisen Warriors – Skeletal Guardians

Little is written in accounts of the Colossal War of the last stands that the Oldavori Empire made on the secluded islands of North Tharador. Mammoth Isle was their biggest foothold in the sea, and while the Colossals still inhabited it and held a mighty navy, the humans of Tharador would not be safe. So a campaign was launched against Mammoth Isle, bloody and brutal with staggering loss of life on both sides, the fleets of both races crushed and sunk beneath the waves. The Colossals eventually were defeated, but at the cost of thousands of human lives, lost beneath ice and snow, their bodies unrecoverable. Worse is their battles were quickly forgotten: shortly after the loss of Mammoth Isle the Colossals activated the Vavanasai, unintentionally dooming their civilization and ending the millennia long war.

The cold climate of Mammoth Isle kept the bodies mostly intact for thousands of years and now they have been risen by the reawakened Lich, Thirazar. Many of these souls found no rest in death, and are eager to be doing battle once again, whatever the foe.

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