Ahznagol – Aberrant Guard


The elite of Quorenderi’s guards. These are creatures plated in heavy chitin armour and stand almost as tall as a Colossal with the strength to match. They make up much of the elite forces of his army, both as his own bodyguards and as officers for his forces. On land they are a formidable foe even for the most experienced adventurers, but encountering one in the water is a death sentence.

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The full story

Ahznagol – Aberrant Guard

Much of the genes of the Psyflayers are based upon the first Ahznagol found washed ashore in Oldavor by the Colossals. These Aberrant Guards are masters of both land and sea, and should their blade fail to cleave their foe asunder, water jetted at piercing speeds will surely do it instead. Though these are considered the best of Quorenderi’s soldiers, they usually will only enter combat when grunts have failed their work.

Each Ahznagol is said to be descended from Quorenderi as well, explaining both their immense strength and mastery of Minera’s Tears. It was after the Age of Creation that Quorenderi first devised these creatures, and though they were not conquerors they were intended instead to destroy any sailors who dared to lead their ships beyond the safety that Inderimaeth and her Leviathans provided near Tharador’s coasts.

When Quorenderi tried to sink Tharador fifty eight years prior it was the Ahznagol that lead his armies upon the surface, destroying the ancient Elven city of Elen Estel and massacring tens of thousands. This was the first time the Ahznagol made themselves wholly known to the people of Tharador, and since then they have always been reviled, thought of as heartless and godless creatures. Thus many Elves who suffered through the calamity at Elen Estel would sing at the chance to drive a hammer down on the head of one and crack them into splinters.

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