Agent – Scarlett


Whatever it takes to get the job done is exactly what Scarlett will do. Driven by a silver-tongue and devil-may-care attitude, Scarlett’s heart of ice and blades of crimson can see even her comrades tossed aside to ensure mission success.

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The full story

Agent – Scarlett

Raised in the Nan Thalian city of Elen Estel, Scarlett (then called Irilia) was daughter to a locksmith and knew her way through a lock better than most seasoned thieves by the time she was still a child. Taking part in her father’s trade, Scarlett grew the store to the most sort after locksmith in Tharador, with commissions sent from kings afar for her fine craft, though too would they travel the long journey to see her work in person – for her beauty and splendid nature was as captivating as the fine art she poured into her locks. Patrons of all races and genders would be captivated by her mesmerising smile and swaying words, seeming to empty their pockets for services they did not even require. Not only were her locks impregnable by the finest thieves, they too were made ornate with artisan-like skill.

On one such occasion that the King of Baldur summoned Scarlett to his court in Grimgate, her home town of Elen Estel was besieged by the unholy forces of Quorenderi, the dark god of the open sea. For in the city was the second half of an artifact that held the physical forms of the children of Mindoriel at bay. She heard of the news while still in Grimgate, and fell to her feet devastated. On her return to Elen Estel the city was in ruin: the fifty thousand that lived there now reduced to barely five thousand – her father among those who had passed. Disillusioned and without direction, she wandered westward like a lost spirit upon the earth.

The Golden Griffins was where she found herself, after a close encounter in Tradver city where she had stolen from Orlena, the head of their special forces. Instead of striking the young elf down, she offered her an olive branch to join her organisation under her own tutelage, to which Scarlett gladly took the offer, acting as Orlena’s personal agent for many years. As the Liturium war erupted, Scarlett was re-assigned to The Silent Faith, though would always hold her allegiance to Orlena and still receive personal secondary orders from the Master of The Poisoned Talons from time to time. The young and splendid elf was no more, replaced with a cold and calculating master of deceit whose words felt as warm as a hearth in snow, yet were false and planned like a feinted strike against her opponent in battle.

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