Aedre The Angry


Raised by Goliaths, tempered with snow, strength, anger and steel; Aedre vows revenge upon the Alimrothi that took her family from her with little regard for the plights of any of those that she fights alongside, nor her own safety.

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The full story

Aedre The Angry

Little memory does Aedre have of her childhood. For far back as her memory goes she had travelled the northern borders of Mayreth with a band of Goliath hunters and outlaws. Forever she knew that the outlaws had killed her biological parents, whom apparently had threatened the group to be reported to the Jarl of Stoneholt for trespassing on their lands, meaning a full-length manhunt against them. Aedre was their only child and a handful of winters marked her skin, so the group took pity on her and raised her as their own. She would act as their face in any encounter with other humans, though she too was deadly with both axe and bow.

The Goliaths raised her in the temperance of Horauthin, the Tharadori divine of war and sire to all Goliaths. So war and battle she relished in, loving nothing more than the thrill of combat when locked against the blood mage Goliaths that defiled the Oldavori border, or ranger patrols that hunted them so, mistaking them for the blood mages that they too detested.

One fateful trip to the east saw Aedre’s life collapse as the party came across the ruins of a crashed Alimrothi airship near the Oldavori border. Flames still holding the wreckage, those that emerged from it gave no chance for her clan to even react, let alone speak. Immediately a volley of fire ripped through the goliath group, killing several outright. Those that survived charged against the metal-made men, though their rudimentary weapons did little against them. Aedre watched in horror as those that raised her and all she ever knew were cut down in seconds, torn from her and left lifeless on the linen-white and crimson spotted ground.

Anger the likes of which she had never yet known encircled her, from the powers above she called to invoke the strength of Horauthin to aid her. From the ground she threw the debris of a metal pipe like a javelin at one of the men, impaling it cleanly through his armour. Charging at them, bullets grazed and sunk within her one and the same, though unwavered in her sprint. In a single swing of her axe did she bisect two men, and in many more swings did she leave the whole surviving crew as a bloody heap within the snow.

Wounded and dying, Aedre had thought the fight to be her last, and lay in the freezing snow to be taken to The Tower of Verdens. Though fate had other plans in mind and she awoke weeks later in the town of Steadfort, taken in by a Goliath trader who did regular business in the town selling fish. Disgusted with the town at first, she eventually learnt to adapt and Steadfort became the closest thing to what she could call home after her family’s death.Though again it was taken away as a year later the same crashed ship she saw in the snow seemed to now appear in the sky, laying waste to the town. Determined to rid Mayreth of the menace, she swore vengeance and joined Freya and Nils in their cause the first she heard of it.

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