Aboro-Ko – Cleric of Tears


A mercenary and a master of the waves. Aboro-Ko is in touch with the swells and calls of the waves and uses it to power himself in rhythm and beat in his fights. The power of the ocean courses through him and wherever he is Minera’s Tears will protect him. So they have protected him from his homeland of East Hydana in Zandorion all the way to the lands of Tharador. Though at his side his sister Inedra-Ki has also kept his mind and heart calm and clear.

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The full story

Aboro-Ko – Cleric of Tears

Far from Tharador’s shores is the continent of Zandorion. An inhospitable continent with horrific creatures, where life is easy for none but thus all that live there are strong. Strong-willed, hardy of heart and mind. These are the characteristics of most Zandorionites. Aboro-Ko is no stranger to such hardship, him nor his sister Inedra-Ki found themselves in lives of ease. For they hail from East Hydana, a land in Zandorion’s southeast that was once part of the greater Hydana nation. Though that was hundreds of years ago, and since then both Hydanians have found themselves interlocked in conflict without relent.

Their father and mother both perished in this fighting: their father when they were still children, and their mother when they were old enough to be seen as independent and their mother thus drafted. For in East Hydana there must always be one representative of a family fighting in a war, going from eldest to youngest. So when their mother died, it was to be Inedra-Ki who would take her place in the war. Aboro could not stomach this. So with his sister he fled to the shore, nothing upon their backs as they both delved into the water and swam east. For days they swam, and their kin followed them upon turtleback and ship, but to no success, for as Aboro-Ko swam he prayed. He prayed to his ancestors, to his mother and father, and to Minera herself for swiftness within her tears. Thus the waves carried him like an arrow through their swells, and raised themselves against his pursuers, battering their ships and throwing them from their turtles.

After a week the pursuit ended, and Aboro-Ko and Inedra-Ki came to sleep, on the verge of death from exhaustion. In their slumber the waves called to them and nursed them to health. When the two awoke, they were in unknown lands. Green grassy fields stretched beyond a sandy shore, and enormous cities reached out beyond them. They had arrived in Tharador, a far away continent. The city of Volosvio was near to them, and there they found themselves an explanation of where they had arrived, made possible by a Lionfolk with the moniker of Ezeqial. It was fortune for them to find someone who spoke their tongue, and he offered the two to work with him in the World Explorer’s and Hunter’s League for a time so they could build a small fortune and familiarise themselves with the new alien land.

Since then the siblings had parted with their furry friend, and now worked at a seafaring mercenary company called the Salty Charter. Though their common was still rough, there were few who held such impressive knowledge of the sea compared to these two.

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