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Hardwitch Games (Formally known as Mythreal Games) Stolen DM Stash Assets

By January 13, 2024May 15th, 2024News

In the world of digital sculpting and 3D assets, there’s always been some grey areas in regards to copyright. However, occasionally there are also some very black and white cases of asset theft.

Unfortunately DM Stash has been on the receiving end of such a low act recently, and we’re here to tell the story so that not only will you keep your assets safe, but so that you will also take more care with the people working for you, because as much as it sucks to say this, in this case the deception came from someone trusted inside our company.

For the sake of this story, and to protect the accused, I will refer to him as Rasmoroh. Here’s how the story went…

Timeline of events

Begins at DM Stash

Feb, 2021

When DM Stash started, it was more the wild west than it is today. We found our modelers on Fiverr and Rasmoroh was one of a few. In his first month he designed just two models for us, both excellent models. He was the perfect contractor, which is why we continued to work full-time with him for the next 3 years.

DM Stash Begins Operations

Apr, 2021

DM Stash launches and straight away we can see the models Rasmoroh has created are popular. We decide to hire him as our full-time contractor and use soley him to create our packs. Later we found out this wasn’t feasible for Rasmoroh, and hired a multitude of other modelers as well.

Rasmoroh Signs Employment Contract

Sept, 2021

Working with Rasmoroh was great, although he often deviated from supplied concepts, what he created was always amazing quality. We decided it was best to have an officially signed contract with him in order to protect both parties.

In this contract, he agreed to the below:

All intellectual property and related material, including any trade secrets, moral rights, goodwill, relevant registrations or applications for registration, and rights in any patent, copyright, trade mark, trade dress, industrial design and trade name (the "Intellectual Property") that is developed or produced under this Agreement, will be the sole property of the Client. The use of the Intellectual Property by the Client will not be restricted in any manner.

The Contractor may not use the Intellectual Property for any purpose other than that contracted for in this Agreement except with the written consent of the Client. The Contractor will be responsible for any and all damages resulting from the unauthorised use of the Intellectual Property.

However, I want to stipulate that this story is far more than Rasmoroh reusing his own assets. If that were the case we would have been inclined to look past the breach of contract…

Secret Launches Own Studio - Mythreal Games

May, 2022

While still contracting for DM Stash, Rasmoroh secretly started his own studio named Mythreal Games. This would explain some unexplained absence and poor communication moving forward from this date.

However, it’s also important to note the following agreed line in the contract:

The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement is exclusive and that the Contractor will not be free, during and 30 days after the Term, to engage or contract with third parties for the provision of services similar to the Services or that otherwise compete with the Client.

Launches 1st Kickstarter (With Stolen Assets)

May, 2022

Unknown to us, and against contract, Rasmoroh started his first Kickstarter project, Sisters of the Dawn. This project heavily reused assets created by another DM Stash modeler for the model “Tharanais,” including his robe and both his hands. Tharanais was released one month prior in April. It also incorporated the shoulder armour of the model “Adana White” which Rasmoroh had sculpted for us in December 2021.

Launches 2nd Kickstarter (With Stolen Assets)

Sep, 2022

Unknown to us, and against contract, Rasmoroh started his second Kickstarter project, The Merlin Chronicles. This project had assets Rasmoroh created for use by DM Stash. Most particular of these is his model “Mordred” which was a combination of assets from our models “Morian,” “Almenhier” and “Rider Rolen.” This was the exact pose of Morian, sword of Almenhier and Armour of Rider Rolen. While Morian and Almenheir were released in August 2021, Rolen was released in April 2023. We acknowledge this discrepancy, and it appears that Rasmoroh re-used his own assets from his Kickstarter on one of our models a year later. This is the only example we’ve found of such a matter, and a grey area we are looking to resolve. The creation of Mordred was still done in a manner that went against our contractual agreement with Rasmoroh.

Launches Own Patreon

Feb, 2023

On February 1st, Rasmoroh started his own Patreon, unbeknown to us. At this point he is directly competing with us, while still a contractor. This Patreon created monthly releases with DM Stash’s assets, both ones that Rasmoroh made, and other DM Stash sculptors (more on this below the timeline).

Resigns due to illness

May, 2023

Now, I’d like to hope this wasn’t a lie… but Rasmoroh messaged us and told us he wasn’t well and would be doing one final model, then resigning from DM Stash indefinitely. This obviously was a surprise to us, but we were supportive and understanding, and despite his contracted notice period, let him go to look after himself and repair. When he resigned we asked him if he could upload the ZTLs of his models (which he didn’t), and even though he had resigned we still paid him a percentage of profits from our just-finished Kickstarter as a gesture of goodwill.

Since then we have reached out multiple times to see if he’d be interested in returning, but never heard back.

Launches 3rd Kickstarter (With Stolen Assets)

Jun, 2023

Rasmoroh launches his 3rd Kickstarter project with stolen assets, Kordatt Cult. This project had assets Rasmoroh & other DM Stash artists created for use by DM Stash. Particularly this included pauldrons from the model “Cyrindeth,” made by one of our other modelers for release in April 2023. It also heavily re-used much of the lower half of the model “Orik Bjornstain” which Rasmoroh created for us in September 2022.

Launches 4th Kickstarter (With Stolen Assets)

Oct, 2023

Rasmoroh launches his 4th, latest Kickstarter: “My Little Magic Guide.” The bases for the stretch goals of these models heavily used assets created by another one of our modelers for the model “Tharanais” released in April 2022. As well as reusing assets from a model “Brekken the Brazen” which he had created for us in January 2023.

Launches MMF Tribes

Dec, 2023

On December 2023, Rasmoroh launched his Tribes for MythReal Games. This is where we became aware of his creations, and his violation of the terms of his employment contract, not to mention prolonged asset theft after he had resigned from our company. It wasn’t until he received a front page banner on MyMiniFactory promoting his Tribes that we learnt of his. Initially upon seeing it we were delighted and excited for Rasmoroh, seeing that he was doing well and had a Patreon and Tribe that was thriving! But quickly our attention was drawn to the fact that some of his models were very similar to models he had released for us. Initially we were able to look past it, still excited to see his success, and reached out to offer a cross-promotion with him to help him grow. Then, as we looked more, it became apparent that not only was he reusing his own assets, he was using assets created by our other artists. Thus, our goodwill towards him quickly receded, and the extent of how much he had stolen from us became clear. We wondered how some of the assets were even from our latest releases, and we then came to the unfortunate realization that he had not been removed from our Shared Drive and was able to download our latest ZTLs and sculpt files without us realizing, and had likely been doing that for months since he left.

This is where it gets extremely messy…

We trusted Rasmoroh: he worked with us for 3 years, so in a mistake that’s cost us, we never removed his access to our shared drive. This gave him access to other artists’ .ZTL files and assets, which below will show he downloaded and used for his own models. Some of these assets were created months after he officially resigned, and are as recent as our January 2024 release.

Again, had he reused his own assets we can look over that, but below are assets created by other hard working DM Stash sculptors that Rasmoroh worked with, side by side.

Example 1:

As you can see, the single model uses (as far as we can tell) 5 major assets from DM Stash, that were created and launched AFTER Rasmoroh resigned from DM Stash. The base of the above was only created in December, and released in January.


Below is another example of stolen assets, again – all these assets are another artists (most of which were made after Rasmoroh left), and not the work of Rasmoroh.

Example 2:

It’s important to note these are just 2 of the models from his library. Going through his models we have found 36 more, just like this. These models were sold to unsuspecting users on Kickstarter, MMF and more.

At DM Stash we have filed DMCA requests with Kickstarter, MyMiniFactory, Patreon & Etsy to remove unlawfully used assets from MythReal’s stores. However, as of writing this Rasmoroh denies all wrong-doing and has instead created a post on his Patreon claiming that DM Stash are the bad guys, trying to take down small creators. This is an absolute lie, as when we first found his studio only a few days ago we were exceptionally happy that he was able to start his own thing, only to come to the realization he’s done it using stolen assets.

Obviously this isn’t a great post to make, but I think it’s important to a) warn other creators to keep their assets safe, b) warn users to not purchase stolen assets from this studio, and c) defend ourselves from the claims Rasmoroh has made against us.

As a side note, if you’re a MythReal merchant you have nothing to worry about. We don’t want to hurt small businesses who are innocent in this crossfire. We would appreciate if you take down any MythReal listings with our assets as a gesture of goodwill, but we have no intention of sending takedowns against you.

If you see any stolen assets that we’ve missed, please do let us know.

Thanks for reading, keep safe!

DM Stash team.

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