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June 2024 Release

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Mrina Reloth – Moon Paladin
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Kuthrak’va – Dragonborn Pugilist
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March 22 RPG Pack: Masters of the Arcane
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We're more than just miniatures

Our monthly miniature releases are built story-first, to enrich our full length 5e campaigns.

In-depth Story

The continent of Tharador weaves a rich tapestry of history and lore. Discover it all with us.

Professional Team

Our professional team of Dungeon Masters and Players are here for you! Find us on our discord, or our socials.

Story Driven Sets

We don’t just create random models. Our sets are story driven and surrounded by in-depth lore.

Bonus Content

Subscribe and receive our huge Welcome Stash containing an array of throwback models and a 5e Campaign.

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