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2 Year Anniversary Painting Competition

Sponsored by Chronicle & Monument Hobbies

To celebrate 24 months of DM Stash we’re hosting a painting competition packed full of awesome prizes, judged by industry experts! We can’t wait to see what our community can create.

The Prizes

First Prize


Second Prize


The Rules

  • The model painted must be a 32mm scale, medium sized DM Stash model. All eligible models can be seen here. If your entry is not from this list, or if it is not a medium sized 32mm print, it will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must be submitted via this Google Forms
  • A maximum of 1 entry per person (so choose wisely!)
  • You can upload 5 images of your entry (but we will only choose one image to show to the public).
  • Final submissions end May 14th 11:59PM PST. Anything submitted after that will not count.
  • A public vote will shortlist 8 finalists to be judged by our guest and sponsor judges
  • 8 finalists will be voted on a scale of 1-10 by the judges, and the highest average scores will determine the final 3 winners.

The Timeline

Painting Begins


Entries Open

April 7th, 11:59PM PST

Entries Close

May 14th, 11:59PM PST

Public Shortlist Voting Begins

May 15th, 11:59PM PST

Public Voting Closes

May 22nd, 11:59PM PST

Judges Votes Determined

May 29th

Winners Announced

May 30th

The Judges

Our admin team at DM Stash, as well as our sponsors will be judging your amazing paints. As well as that, we’re joined by two of the biggest names in the industry:


Squidmar Miniatures is a popular YouTuber with 544k subscribers who creates content focused on the world of miniature painting surrounding Warhammer. He started his journey in the hobby at the age of 12 and has since developed a passion for painting miniatures and sharing his skills with others. In addition to his YouTube channel, Squidmar also has very successful social media platforms, often posting his masterful miniature paints to tens of thousands of his fans.

Jose Da Vinci

A well known and loved figure in the mini painting community, Jose is known for his fantastic painting tutorials that can help anyone improve from a beginner to a pro. He’s been painting mini’s for the last five years and has been doing tutorials for the last two. With 102K followers on Instagram and 38K subscribers on youtube, Jose is a well recognised and respected voice in the miniature painting community!

The Questions

Why did you choose only 32mm, medium sized models?

We decided to choose these specific models (all 207 of them) just to keep it fair. We understand that a gargantuan dragon like Brazatul might be a bit of an unfair comparison to a humanoid model, just based on the epic-ness of the model itself.

Can I submit something I painted in the past?

No, you cannot. While we lack the ability to track if your paint is fresh, this is a trust exercise between all of us, and we hope everyone does the right thing.

Can I use custom bases/dioramas

For fairness reasons, we want you to stick to the base that was created for that model. As much as we love diorama’s, we believe that to be a totally different skill, and we want people’s paints to shine through.

Will entries with multiple models be allowed?

No they will not, you can upload up to five images of your singular model, but you cannot include a second entry, or a second miniature as part of your entry (such as a diorama piece).

How will the voting take place?

A public vote will shortlist 8 finalists, after that the judges will vote on a scale of 1-10 for the shortlisted finalists. The highest average scores among the 8 take home the gold, silver and bronze!

Can I post my entry onto the DM Stash social media pages or the Discord as usual?

Of course! That is how we have done our competition entries in the past. However, for this competition, your entry will NOT be counted unless it has at least been submitted to this Google Forms link. After it has been submitted here, you can post it wherever you want!

What happens if I win?

We will be in contact with you via the details you submitted in the Google Forms link with your paint! If you provide us the wrong information or not enough information, we won’t be able to provide you the prizes!

If I have further questions or wish to discuss the competition, where can I do it?

Head on over to our Discord or Facebook Community Group! We answer questions fairly quickly there. If we aren’t available for some reason, our community tends to be super helpful, so just ask!

Thanks for your interest in our 2 year anniversary painting competition! Submit your entry to our Google form. Best of luck!

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